Department of Treasury Done Sending Federal Benefit Checks

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If you get federal benefits, the Department of Treasury won’t be sending checks anymore and people have until Friday, March 1st, 2013, to make changes.

Neil Hamilton plays cribbage once a week at CASI Center for Active Seniors in Davenport.

“We play for championship; we don’t play for any money,” says Neil.

He has been on social security for a few years and although the new change won’t affect him it will affect many others. People will have two options of payments to choose from.

“You can get it directly deposited into a checking or savings account or you can choose to use it like a debit card which you would get from the federal government,” says Kathy Horrell, Senior Advocacy Department Supervisor for Casi.

Neil, who has always gone the direct deposit route, says its easier, “It’s wonderful, there’s no worries and it’s always there.”

Not only easier, but Kathy says safer too, “I think safety and protecting your identity and your finances is a huge benefit towards this program.”

For those who don’t make the deadline their checks will still be sent out, but they’ll be hearing from the Department of Treasury.

“They’re going to make some follow up phone calls and some follow up letters and stuff like that to strongly encourage people to go to the electronic payment system,” says Kathy.

Neil says it’s a change that might take some adjusting to, “Some of them are not use to it because they’re use to the old fashioned way, run down, cash that check and then they’ll get the card and they’ll say ‘what’s this?’”

You can also sign up by calling 1(800) 333-1795.