Snow Day is Snowstar’s Not-So Secret to Success

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Normally, "Snow Day" means school is cancelled and businesses closed... but not this one.

"We love to have people off work and out of school," says Ed Meyer, General Manager of Ski Snowstar Winter Sports Park in Andalusia, Illinois. "We've got the ground white twice in one week so we're pretty excited."

Meyer says he expects a big bump in business over the next few days. On Tuesday, February 26th, skiers and snowboarders say they're excited to see snow on the ground after nearly two winters without much.

"It's a lot of fun to have all the people get out here that actually enjoy the winter sports and everything," says Peter Herman, a skier from Aledo, Illinois.

"Living in the Midwest, a lot of people aren't really happy with winter, but here, we're more than happy to have as much snow as we possibly can," says Joel Bowman, a snowboarder from Moline. "It's awesome."

Ski Snowstar has some fun events coming up this weekend, such as the Slush Pit Splash. You can find more information here.