Beyond the Green Screen: Adopting a Pet in the Winter

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When the snow begins to fall and the wind starts howling I cringe at the thought of having to be outside even if it is only to walk to my car. In the past couple of weeks I’ve added a new concern. How miserable will my dog be?


Anyone who knows me knows how shocking it is that I would even be talking about a dog. I grew up with a German Sheppard but I was never really a dog person. The smell of wet dog, the drool, the smell of dog food, the jumping… not exactly my cup of tea. Yes, I was a cat lady. It wasn’t until January 28th when my whole outlook on pets changed. The Quad City Animal Welfare Center brought the cutest, gentle, friendly and loving little Lhasa Apso to the TV station to be shown off on our 11am newscast in hopes of finding it a good home. They didn’t have to look too far. I had fallen in love. I called her Lily.

Being a new mom I was anxious to get everything possible that I’d potentially need to take care of or entertain my new “child”. Once I had all of the suggested items plus some, I couldn’t help but notice all of the cute pink coats and sweaters. They make these for a reason right? I had to get a couple because I didn’t want my Lily to get cold. They make snow booties, too?! Ok, I’m sold.


Seeing Lily in these boots make me laugh every time. I can only imagine what the other bigger dogs are thinking on our walks. She fights me when I put them on her front paws but she walks in them just fine. While it seems like I am just trying to embarrass my little girl there really are benefits to these little snow boots. The salt that is thrown on sidewalks can get stuck in the fur and paws. If the dog consumes enough of it they can get sick. Snow can also be a problem on its own. Snow can become compact, freeze, and cause the dog to become very uncomfortable and potentially get cuts on the paws. I don’t always put Lily in her booties but when I do I laugh and take lots and lots of pictures.