When a “snow emergency” could cost you

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In addition to plowing, the City of Davenport conducts snow removal in the downtown area, which is done the night after a big snow event.

The roads may look clear, but you can still be penalized for parking along those designated snow routes.

The sign says it all- when a snow emergency is in effect in Davenport you can't park on the side of the street.

River Music Experience employee Brittany Manley, narrowly escaped a ticket this past weekend downtown after Thursday's snowfall.

"Just got lucky I guess,” said Manley. “I did see everyone get towed on Friday night."

The fee to retrieve your vehicle from the towing company isn't cheap at between $100-200- that's on top of the actual parking ticket.

The city's Public Works Director, Mike Clarke, usually determines if a snow emergency is declared, which typically happens if there are three or more inches of snow.

He says some streets are more difficult for the plows to get to than others, like the area near 14th and Division to Bridge, 15th and Bridge to Division, Spring to 12th and Kirkwood, Eastern to 12th and Kirkwood and Jersey Ridge to Locust and 12th.

"The streets are narrow, there could be some blind curves, there might be a hill that's involved and for those reasons, those are a bit more of a priority for clearing and coordinating with the police than perhaps some of the other locations around the city,” said Clarke.

But, wherever you are on any designated snow route, he suggests avoiding it altogether.

"There's always going to be a number of folks who just don't get the word and find themselves in a predicament," he said.

That’s what Manley said happened last week, when patrons didn’t realize they were about to get their vehicles towed, despite warnings posted up around the venue.

"We made a few announcements during the shows, but maybe people weren't taking us seriously," she said.

To check out when a snow emergency has been activated, you can go to: www.cityofdavenportiowa.com

You can also check out the City of Davenport on Twitter :