Snow plow driver fired for video posted online

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A snow plow driver was fired, and later apologized, after video posted online showed him appearing to enjoy burying cars as he plowed snow from streets.

Mark Hussey, who goes by “Dogg,” is featured in video that shows him laughing and bragging as he plows snow from the streets of Lowell, Massachusetts.  The city was buried when Superstorm Nemo dumped two feet of snow on parts of the northeastern U.S.

“Now for the f***ing favorite part of my day,” Dogg says as the video shows the plow pushing snow.

“You want to find your car?  You come see me, I’ll let you know where it is.  Maybe,” he continues.

The profanity-laced video, posted online February 9, 2013, was followed by Dogg losing his job.

Dogg told WBZ-TV he was fired from his job as a contractor Friday, February 22 after the video went viral.  The Lowell city manager said the video was an unprofessional.

Dogg followed up with an apology video.  Of sorts.  Also posted online.

In the apology video, Dogg says he is sorry to his city and to his boss.  He also defends his actions, saying the bottom line is that he was simply enjoying doing his job.

“Am I an idiot?  Yes.  I’ll be the first one to admit that.  Should I have been taking the video?  No.  But, basically, I was doing my job and if you watch the video – and turn down the sound – you’ll see that I was doing my job perfectly.  I wasn’t causing any damage to the cars that were there and I was widening the road as much as I could possibly widen it,” Dogg says in the follow-up video.

“The only thing that were hurt were people’s feelings, and maybe some sore backs from having to shovel out.  But that’s what happens in a blizzard,” Dogg said.

In addition to apologizing to the city and to his boss, Dogg confirms in the follow-up video that he was fired.