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Moline Police Investigating Opened Hydrants

Moline Police and Moline Water Department personnel are searching for a suspect or suspects responsible for opening fire hydrants.  Over the past two weeks, around 10 hydrants have been opened between dark and dawn.

Police believe the suspect is acting maliciously.  Opening a fire hydrant can constitute a violation of the homeland security laws and can be prosecuted federally.  More importantly, opening a hydrant can cause major issues for residents.

“If gone undetected too long, it is a threat to the water supply,” Water Distribution Manager, Tony Loete says.

“The water comes out 1000 to 3000 gallons of water a minute.  That much water blasting out of a fire hydrant undirected can erode the soil, blast away someone’s landscaping or flood out the intersection and in this type of weather, it can cause icing.”

If you know who is responsible for opening the hydrants you can receive up to $1000 cash by calling Crime Stoppers at (309) 762-9500 and report information that leads to an arrest.


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