Thousands of signs covered in ice, snow

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Public Works officials on both sides of the river say there could be thousands of street signs covered in snow from Monday’s snowstorm.

That number is expected to increase Thursday because of the forecast.  Fortunately so far, there have been no crashes to report of in the immediate Quad City area because of covered street signs and street lights.

“I just came from the airport, and the signs were all covered there too,” Cordova resident Melvin Misfeldt said. “We just had to hope it was the right [road], but we have been there before.”

Davenport Public Works says it has as many as 12,000 street signs in its city while Moline says it has about 16,000.  Drivers say they could see how snow on many signs could be a bit of a problem.

“People from out of town that aren’t familiar with the area, or people that don’t see as well could see be affected,” Sherrard resident Teresa Doak said.

Public Works Departments tell drivers to look at the shape of the sign to help you tell what sign it is.They say that cities and states make signs different shapes for situations like this.

No public works departments on either side of the river have programs in place to sweep the snow off of their signs. The cities just wait until the snow melts.