Small Business Builds With New Walmart Coming

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A multi-million dollar deal to build a new Walmart at Rock Island's Watch Tower Plaza got rave reviews from city leaders a few weeks back but not all of the small business that will have to relocate were initially behind the deal.  Jean and Josh Kulp, owners of Jean’s Platinum Styles decided to make the most of the deal.

After being laid off from their previous job, the Kulp’s decided it was time to start a business of their own.  They opened the beauty supply store on the corner store front of the Watch Tower Plaza five months ago after spending close to a year remodeling.

When the couple found out Walmart would be moving in, their initial thought was devastation.

“I didn’t know where I was going to go or if I could afford anywhere else because it’s not like we had a lot of money to start with,” Jean tells us.

But with help from the city, the couple found their new home.   The new location is triple the size of the space they are in now.  Jean already has visions of the opportunities it will bring.

“We are going to have not only a beauty supply store but we will have a salon, pedicures, manicures, eye brow arching and eye lashes.”

One of the things she is most excited about is being able to not just stay in business herself, but to provide jobs for others.

The beauty supply store will be open at the Watch Tower Plaza location (3786 11th St.) until they move.  The new location, 2369 11th Street in Rock Island is set to be open in April.