Budget cuts loom, Bustos concerned for Arsenal

Leaders in Washington continue to sound alarm bells over budget cuts, set to go into effect in March.

They're the result of the failure in 2011 of a congressional super committee to create a plan to reduce the deficit.

There's still time for Congress to avoid the sequestration.

The House recently voted to put talks on hold.

It's a move many disagree with, including Illinois Congresswoman, Cheri Bustos.

"Think about your own family budget and if you had to face difficult times and had to cut back, you wouldn't just say, I'm cutting across the board, I'm only going to pay part of my mortgage or part of my car payment because what would happen," said Bustos. "Your whole finances would fall apart if you did that."

She says if the budget cuts go into effect, that could negatively impact the Rock Island Arsenal, which is the Quad Cities largest employer.


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