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Aledo’s Vintage Button connects with the community

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Since its history goes back to the 1860's, Aledo's Button Building experienced a lot of changes over the years.

"They're able to stroll through the shops and kind of lose track of time," said Beth Whitenack, one of a trio of Aledo women that own The Vintage Button.

Most recently, it transformed from eyesore to elegant.

"There's so much to see," said co-owner Pam Myers. "They're afraid they don't have time to see it all."

After a remarkable renovation, it's now home to the store. That's where you can buy, among other things, vintage buttons.

"They come in for the first time," Myers said. "Their eyes get real big. They get all excited over everything they could possibly find here."

"We like to call it retail therapy here at The Vintage Button," Whitenack added.

Since setting up shop two years ago, there are now 50 associates selling items there. People like Aledo artist Mary Fillman.

"I like to garden," she said. "So I have a lot of garden things."

She paints on glass, even windows that were destined for the landfill.

"Painting on glass is an old art," she said. "I wanted my stuff to look different."

The Vintage Button blends local history with colorful creations. It's a shopping adventure that's finding its place in Aledo.

Candles offer lots of aromas. Some jewelry features horse hair. There's even items from local Alpacas.

"She has a wonderful clientele," Myers said. "They keep coming back for more and more."

Rhonda McKinley is one of the newest associates.

"It's nice and bright," she said. "I like it."

She was busy restocking her room when we visited.

"It's just been a really great fit," she said.

A solid holiday season is setting the pace for a profitable 2013. That includes Cathy Long's Midwest Mermaids.

"She has quite a following of people that buy her merchandise," said Whitenack.

Starting small while thinking big, The Vintage Button is attached in Aledo.

"That's the best reward when people thank us for being here in downtown Aledo," Whitenack concluded.

"I just hope it continues to grow," Myers added.

They're creating a new history for this landmark building.

You'll find The Vintage Button at 105 North College Avenue in Aledo. The store is open from 10-6  Tuesday-Thursday. It's open 10-7 on Friday and Saturday and closed on Sunday and Monday.