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Galesburg celebrates National Entrepreneurship Week with local successes

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Galesburg is finding ways to grow the local economy with new ideas.

This is hands-on work with a hot product. Innovation from Intellihot features the latest product off the line.

"This is where the exhaust goes outside," said Intellihot President Sridhar Deivasigamani.

It's a tankless water heater designed for businesses. It can cut natural gas bills nearly in half.

Made inside the Galesburg Sustainable Business Center, it's entrepreneurship at work.

"To see the transformation from an idea to something that is there in the hands of people is truly remarkable," he continued.

Galesburg salutes National Entrepreneurship Week by featuring sizzling homegrown businesses like En Season Cafe.

"I think the taste and its freshness is the biggest key to what we do here," said Chef Bart Smith.

They're infusing down home charm with a focus on flavor -- and economic developement.

"This business incubator is a way to create new jobs and companies. Starting small can turn into something big.

Whenever Genevieve Crow steps into the freezer, she finds some of Alaska's finest salmon. This is Sitka Salmon Shares. It offers online and retail sales.

"On the label we have the fishing vessel where it's caught and the pack date," she explained.

Celebrating its first year in Galesburg, the company expects to double sales in 2013. For the Knox College graduate, it's real world experience.

"It's been very educational and interesting for me to sort of watch this business grow and be involved in that," she said.

Galesburg is encouraging those new ideas with a variety of collaborations and programs. Many of them are designed to keep bright young residents like Crow working in Galesburg.

One fish at a time, they're finding ways to build a business.