Viral Video: Kid singer has soul

Brendan MacFarlane sings

Brendan MacFarlane sings

A guitar store owner is shocked and awed when a kid named Brendan MacFarlane busts out a tune in his store.

He was so shocked, in fact, that he had to stop Brendan so he could record him singing “Just Another Day” by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers, so he could show his friends what he saw in person.

The video was shared more than 83,000 times in about four days.

“He ain’t singing like Hank” the store owner says, “He’s singing like the guy who taught Hank!”

Kevin Sousa of Louisville, Kentucky posted the video of now-15-year-old Brendan on Facebook February 4, 2013.

Watch more of Brendan’s videos on his YouTube channel – click here.


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