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Inside Ultimate Fitness: Push Through

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Well here we are, another week!  I have been going to Ultimate Fitness 5 days a week and doing my ActivTrax workout.  So far so good.  I definitely feel better!  I do notice that I have more energy overall and it is a nice break to go workout on my lunch hour – kind of clears your mind!

On Friday I met with Seth Ross a trainer from Quad Cities Personal Training.  Seth put me through a “baby” training session to show me several new exercises and how a personal trainer can help you.  All I can say is OMG!  My “Baby” session, as he called it, was a killer!  I know I am out of shape but holy cow… am I out of shape!

My session with Seth was about 15 minutes of workout.  I am not a very coordinated person, so I am sure it was comical to watch as I tried to remember the order of the kettle bell squats movement that I was doing!  Then the dreaded box jump – I am sure there is a technical term for this, but I will just call it the Box of Doom!  It sounds simple enough:  Just jump up on this darn box with both feet, squat and jump down, repeat.  Well, it is not so simple!  At least not for me!  I couldn’t even jump on a box with both feet at the same time.  I know it sounds crazy, but give it a try!  Finally, toward the end I got it right a few times!

Lastly we worked on a move that included facing a wall, squatting while holding a weighted basketball and throwing it up the wall, catch, repeat.  We then put all of the exercises together and Seth timed me and encouraged me to make it thorough each one.  It was very hard and I was pushed to my limit!  My chest hurt.  Where was the air?  I was huffing and puffing!  I thought I was going to DIE, but he promised I wouldn’t :)

After my session I decided to sign up for Personal Training with Seth, 3 times a week for 12 weeks.  I know, you are thinking, “You did WHAT?  So am I!  I may have not been thinking straight from lack of oxygen from my workout a few minutes prior!

I felt my workout from Friday for the rest of the weekend with every step I took.  I know it will get better, I just need to push through.  Today I met Seth again for my first official work out with him.  It went well, I didn’t die and I feel like I am on the road to a much happier and healthier me.

If you want to meet the trainers at Ultimate Fitness there is a good opportunity with a FREE Fitcore Class.  Contact Ultimate Fitness to reserve a spot!