Illinois sheriffs say information is key in gun control resolution

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Seventy-three sheriffs from Illinois voted unanimously not to support a proposed state law that would ban certain weapons in the state.

The vote happened as part of the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association Winter Training Conference, held February 3 to 5, 2013 in Springfield.

The group also passed a resolution at the conference which says violence is a complicated issue which gun control alone cannot resolve.

The resolution calls for improvements to the National Instant Check System giving law enforcement access to records indicating whether a person might be prohibited from possessing a firearm.

The association also wants law enforcement to have access to mental health records for “accurate background checks, for responding to 911 calls and for responding to those who suffer from mental issues.”  The group says there is an “epidemic of untreated mental illness” and that “there is a strong link between untreated mental illness and the increased risk of committing violent acts.”

The group reiterated its support for the Second Amendment.

“As sheriffs, we have sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Illinois,” said a statement from 2012 ISA President and DuPage County Sheriff John Zaruba.  “We are determined to ensure that all provisions within both Constitutions are upheld.  This includes the second amendment; our citizens’ ‘Right to Bear Arms’.”

The association previously resolved support for concealed carry in Illinois with some limitations.  Illinois is the only state without a concealed carry law.

Read the entire resolution – click here.