O’Hare cancels 120 flights

The Chicago O'Hare International Airport had cancelled 126 of its departing flights Friday as of 6:40 a.m.

So far Friday morning, the Quad City International Airport has not cancelled any departing or arriving flights. People who are connecting at O'Hare from the Quad Cities could run into a problem though.

Nationwide, nearly three thousand flights have been canceled in preparation for the snowstorm that's supposed to hit the northeast. United Airlines said customers in storm affected cities will be allowed to reschedule. One Delta customer we talked to says he was not re-funded of his rescheduling fee even though his flight had been canceled.

"It'll work out okay assuming everything works out," Harrisburg, Pennsylvania resident Bruce Anderson said. "But it was just a lot of hassle trying to book these flights, so  it took a while."

There are expected to be more flight cancellations as the day goes on. To see whether your flight's been cancelled, click here.


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