Businesses Adjust to Relocating Because of I-74 Bridge Project

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For a project still years away, there’s been a lot of movement in Bettendorf along the eye 74 corridor. The state’s buying property and businesses are moving to make way for the new I-74 bridge project.

Premier Picks Auto Sales in Bettendorf has been around for eight years and this past year their have been busier than ever, “Business has been fantastic, we're very happy with the new location,” says owner Jeffrey Pick.

His business' old location was located off of Grant Street, but because of the I-74 bridge project his business along with others had to move.

"This state grand street alignment is causing Iowa DOT to purchase the properties quicker and so it's beginning to put an issue right on the table that the businesses now have to deal with,” says Steven Van Dyke, Economic Development Director for the city of Bettendorf.

For Jeffrey, his new spot is better than his last, especially since his last location was located off a one way street, “Our visibility has greatly improved and of course our inventory we've been able to increase our inventory because the size of the lot."

For most that have moved it’s been a smooth transition, but it might not be as easy for those who are waiting.

"There's not that many vacancies and so you know that's a difficult part for them,” says Steven.

Not only are there limited spaces, but businesses might have to pay more as well.

"If they've been with a location for many years and many of them have, they've been given very favorable rates and so now they're finding that the rates are much different,” says Steven.

All the businesses that are affected by the project will have to be moved by early 2014. The city of Bettendorf offers several programs that help businesses with the cost if they need help moving.