New Downtown Developments Will Help iWireless Center

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24 hours after the Moline City Council voted to move forward on two big downtown developments, businesses are already brainstorming on how they can use those projects to their advantage.

The iWireless Center is no different from any other business downtown. Executive Director Scott Mullen says he wants to attract customers and a passenger rail line from Chicago to the Quad Cities, plus two new developments that include hotel rooms will do just that.

"It's tough to get a room here now," says Mullen. "As soon as we announce a show, hotels are sold out."

As of Tuesday night, plans are in the works to convert the former Deere Collector's Center into a 100-suite hotel and redevelop the O'Rourke Building into the Quad Cities Multi-Modal Station which will house the Amtrak station and a five-floor extended stay hotel.

"That's when it's really going to pay off because you get people here from Chicago and Naperville and they come down and spend the night and they get a room within walking distance," says Mullen.

The iWireless Center has a busy March coming up, which includes performances by Maroon 5, Luke Bryan, and Green Day. For ticket information, click here.