Inside Ultimate Fitness: Sweat is FAT crying!

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First let me welcome you to the Ultimate Fitness Weight Loss Challenge Blog!

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Sherry, I work for WQAD. I have the honor of participating in this wonderful challenge and I will share with you my progress and thoughts. I find myself sitting at a desk most days and I would categorize myself as pretty sedentary to say the least! :( So when I had the opportunity to change that, lose weight and get healthy and fit – I jumped on it. I am the kind of person that needs structure and someone to help me find my way on this journey and that is exactly what Ultimate Fitness provides!

My first meeting was with Koral at Ultimate Fitness, we discussed the importance of diet, healthy food and working out with the Ultimate Fitness ActivTrax program. It all started for me with the dreaded weigh in, followed by the measurement of body FAT…depressing to say the least, but also a good motivator! From there Koral helped me with a weekly diet plan, calculated just for me – this is the coolest thing ever!

Weekly I receive my meal plan – every day, every meal and snack! They also give you a shopping list and exchange list – in case you just don’t like a certain food on your plan you can easily check it and exchange for another healthy choice. It really makes eating healthy so easy!

Next Koral put together my ActivTrax work out plan for the day. I was provided guidance and training on how to use each machine as well as how to do each exercise properly. I have joined gyms before and was always overwhelmed by the number of machines and never knowing if I was using them right or even if this was the right machine for me. Usually my membership was wasted because I felt unsure and tended to just do the same thing every time – Treadmill. Not with ActivTrax! Every visit I am given a new workout sheet – always something different and it is tailored to my goals. I show up, grab my sheet and take a pencil and clipboard to track my results and I am off and running!

If ever you have a question on how to do an exercise or use a machine – every staff member is there to help! I don’t ever feel silly asking for help – you can tell the staff wants to help you achieve your goals. So far I am about a week into my workout and diet. I have set a goal to go to the gym 5 days a week.

The diet is going well and actually I find that I eat more and more often than I used to. I am not ever hungry and it seems pretty easy to stick to. The workout has been good – I admit there are times when you are tired and want to give up, but even the members are encouraging! I was on an elliptical and had a gentleman next to me see that I was getting tired – and he looked over and said come on, keep going, you can do it! It was the motivation I needed! I have sore muscles, ones I didn’t even know I had and I sweat – as they say at Ultimate “sweat is FAT crying!”.

I am so happy to be able to go through this life changing process and hope that this will encourage you to come to Ultimate Fitness and meet with the staff for a tour – it will be the beginning of a life changing event for you and you won’t regret one minute of it. I will continue to update my progress weekly. Let me know if you have any questions about the program – I will make sure to get you answers. Until next time –