Pay It Foward – Childhood Friends Strengthen Bond After Stroke

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Mary Ford, a resident at manor care in davenport suffered a stroke back in 2003.  The stroke caused her to be paralyzed on the left side of her body and confined to a mobile chair.

Mary's pastor and long time friend, rich Hendricks has been there for her through it all.  He visits, takes her out to lunch and often runs her errands.  When her first chair broke, Rich found and bought a new one for her. Mary says rich's friendship gives her life.

“Rich keeps me going,” Mary says.

The two have been friends since jr. high and say they will continue to grow their friendship.

Mary wanted to show Rich her appreciation so she nominated him for WQAD’s Pay It Forward.  With the help of Ascentra Credit Union, we were able to give Mary $300 to pass along to Rich.

Rich immediately started thinking about how he would continue to pass it forward but as far as his love and compassion for Mary, he says he is, “just doing what good friends do.”