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Residents play indoor golf, stay out of the cold

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The outdoor golf courses were closed Thursday, but a dozen Quad Citians played inside Thursday to get their fix.

The Clubhouse Golf and Lounge offers golf simulator lessons in Bettendorf. The lounge has 55 different course simulations from around the world, so golfers can act like they're playing on the real course.

Owner Chris Larson says his business does well when there's snow on the ground. That's because the courses around the area close down. Larson also says he does well throughout the winter.

"We do well when it's dark, when it's raining, when it's snowing," Larson said. "So it's definitely not a competition, but it's something that all golfers will enjoy."

Larson does lessons for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Larson says his business usually does better at night once people get home from work, but he was also giving lessons Thursday afternoon to people who had the day off.

"If the weather's not nice, you get stuck," customer Brandon Hardaway said. "So it's nice to come here whether it's nice out or it's like it is today. You still have the opportunity."

Larson says he views his business as a compliment to the outdoor courses. He is trying to get the TPC Deere Run course put into his simulators. Workers have to beta-test the course before Larson can put it into his system.