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Illinois cell phone taxes among highest in country

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If you live in Illinois and you have a cell phone, you’re paying some of the highest taxes in the country on it.

State and local taxes combined add about 16 % to Illinois residents’ cell phone bills.  That’s the fifth highest tax on cell phones in the country.  When you add Federal taxes to it, the total tax added is 21.76%. reports Nebraska has the highest rate, with state and local taxes on cell phones adding just over 18.5 % to the average wireless bill.

Iowa ranks 35th highest, with 7.95% added for state and local taxes combined, and the total including federal taxes is 13.77%.

The lowest taxes on cell phones are in Oregon, where state and local taxes combine to add 1.85% to your bill and federal taxes bring the total added tax to 7.67%.

The national average total tax on cell phone bills – including state, local and federal taxes - is 15.97%.