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Davenport Police Promotions

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Promotions were the name of the game in Davenport on January 30th, where a special ceremony was held.

Corporal James Garrard was promoted to Sergeant, and Officer Seth Farley is now a Corporal.

The department also recognized two new police service generalists and three new volunteers at the ceremony.  As soon as it was over, it was right back to work for everyone in their new roles.

Newly promoted Corporal Seth Farley said of his new responsibility, "[The position is] somewhat of a leadership position.  So get to be able to train new officers below me and kind of guide them into a leadership position some day.  This is just one step. It's still the tip of the iceberg.  I still want to move up in the departments. This is just the starting point for me."

The department also recognized the recent retirements of two officers, Tim Brandenburg, who served for 23 years, and Charles Lee who served for 34 years.