What to do if your power goes out

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Winter storms that include dramatic drops in temperature and a mix of rain changing to snow can also bring power outages. 

“Accumulations of snow and ice can interrupt a home’s or business’ electric and natural gas supply and create unsafe operating conditions,” says MidAmerican Energy media relations manager Tina Potthoff.

MidAmerican Energy customers are advised that, if you lose power, you should check fuses or circuit breakers first and then call MidAmerican Energy at 1-800-799-4443.   

Ameren customers can report an outage online or via your smartphone at Ameren.com or by calling 1-800-552-5000 in Illinois.    

Never assume someone else has reported a power outage. 

Be sure your standby generator is installed safely and properly to avoid endangering yourself, your property and MidAmerican Energy line workers. 

Keep fresh batteries in flashlights and lanterns for emergency use and keep extra batteries on hand.  Never leave candles burning unattended and keep them away from materials that could catch fire.

Never use a grill, space heater or portable generator intended for outdoor use inside your home.  Don’t use your stove as a source of heat. 

Get more information online at www.midamericanenergy.com.