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Top-paying college degrees

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Finance, education and technical majors are among the college grads getting top pay as they enter the current work force.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers says engineering majors dominated their new list of top-paying majors.  Six engineering majors made their list of the 10 highest-paying jobs at the bachelor’s degree level.

They credit high demand and low supply of those grads for pushing salaries up.

Computer engineering and chemical engineering were the top two majors on the list, with average starting salaries of $70,400 and $66,400 respectively.

The NACE also publishes a Salary Survey every two months, which lists average starting salaries for new college graduates.  They offer the executive summary of their Salary Survey for free.

The most recent Salary Survey says average starting salaries increased year-to-year, with the biggest jump in of a 5.4% increase in the education field.  Educational services was also listed as the top-hiring industry.    

The Salary Survey report for January also said the highest-paid education majors specialized in special education or specific academic concentrations.  Nursing majors were the highest-paid of the health sciences majors, and the top-paid business major is finance.