Moline kindergartners celebrate 100 days of school

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Some of Moline's youngest students celebrated a major milestone Monday. Kindergartners at Butterworth Elementary donned hats and did special projects in honor of the 100th day of school.

Students brought 100 items from home which they sorted into groups of 10. They also read stories about the number 100 and made special snacks -- graham crackers with the number "100" spelled out with pretzels.

At Jane Addams Elementary, the calendar called for a 100th day party in the gym, complete with 100 exercises and a countdown to a big balloon pop.

Teachers said the day's activities were a good way to get students excited about numbers and counting.

"It keeps them engaged and wanting to know what's coming up next with the next few days. We started on the first day of school with day one, and we've counted up to this point, so it's always just a big celebration," said teacher Angel Dearing.

The next big countdown for teachers and students? Thirty-nine days until Spring Break.

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