I-80 business pushes for interstate casino

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There is a push coming out of northwest Davenport to build the city's new casino at the I-80 and I-280 interchange.

Restoration St. Louis has already made its push downtown. As previously reported Friday, Restoration St. Louis made a video with downtown business owners that supports the building of a downtown casino called City Square. City Square would be built in the Parker and Putnam buildings downtown on 2nd Street.

But Decker Truck Lines says an interstate casino could help its business grow. It has offices on Buffalo Avenue in northwest Davenport but only has nine employees there.

"Anytime you get growth whether it's population, infrastructure, or industry, it's a plus for the trucking industry," Decker Truck Line worker Ernie Epperson said.

Other workers inside the plant say a casino in northwest Davenport could help the area become more residential. Ingenus Management is proposing to build a casino on 40 acres of land by the interchange.

"It could bring more hotels and more shopping," Decker Truck Line worker Darcy Yakish said. "I live out here off Highway 61 in a new addition. It's growing quickly."

The city is moving forward with plans to talk with Ingenus Management at a special city council meeting next Wednesday. Ingenus is also proposing a small downtown casino called a boutique casino. The city has not decided on either of the two developers.