Police: Thieves are stealing running cars

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Davenport Police say they've had reports of 10 stolen cars this week from people who are leaving them running while they're unattended.

Police say the crimes are not happening in any specific part of the city, but police say the thefts are happening more this year than they have in the past. At the Shell Station across the street from Centennial Park, three drivers in a matter of 20 minutes left their cars running while they went into the gas station.

"I do it to stay warm," Davenport resident Brittany Fleetwood said. "When I got back in from getting my food, my car is warm."

Fleetwood left her car running Thursday when she went into the Subway restaurant attached to the gas station. She says she's not surprised that car thefts are up this week.

"Everybody's trying to get something free these days," Fleetwood said.

Other residents we talked to say they leave their car running when they go inside to get gas, but they lock their doors and can take their keys with them. That way, their car will warm up while they're not in it.

"They can't actually get into my car unless they break into my window," Rock Island resident Veronica Williams said. "And by that time, I'd be out here."

Police say that half of this week's reports came from people running the cars unattended in their own driveways. The other five came from area gas stations.