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Chef Scott: Giving Leftovers a Wrap

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BETTENDORF, Iowa - You don't need to just re-heat your leftovers.  You can turn them into something even better than last night's entree.

Just ask Chef Brad Scott, the director of Scott Community College's Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Center.

"You know I just love coming up with creative ideas for leftover foods," says Chef Scott.

"Last night we had some beautiful sirloin and today, for lunch time, we're going to make some wraps."

1. Thinly slice medium rare sirloin (about 1 oz per person)
2. Lay a leaf of Boston Bib lettuce down
3. Spread peanut sauce on the leaf
4. Lay sirloin strips long way over the peanut sauce
5. Add diced cucumber, chopped celery, and shredded carrrots
6. Roll together
7. Top with Hunan sauce

"You've got your greens, you've got your protiens, you've got raw vegetables, all the things that are really good for you," says the Chef.

"Serve it with a little crunchy garlic bread and you've got yourself a meal almost as good as last night's sirloin.  Enjoy!"