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Students Get Life Lessons Outside the Classroom

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Students from both Illinois and Iowa got to learn from outside the classroom. They took part in the 27th annual Quad City Conference, to help teenagers deal with every day struggles. The conference was held at the River Center in Davenport.

Glen Evans, chair for Quad City Youth Conference, says this is a way for students to come together, “All of the kids come together and find someone they didn't know so we actually get friendships that we're building."

This year’s message is “You’re not alone,” a message Quad City Youth thought was appropriate because of all the recent school shootings.

"Helping kids understand that even though they're having problems in their lives there are people out there who actually care for them,” says Evan.

6th grade Belleville Middle School student, Giana Michels says she’s witness students being bullied, “There’s a lot of things going around and a lot of rumors about people and it’s good to get that out of your system."

Students broke out into workshops that covered several topics, peer pressure, texting and bullying.

Glen says helping at least one kid makes it worthwhile, “You never know what kid we can actually reach and so that's the perfect thing about having conferences like this because we're able to save so many kids."

Life lessons students plan on taking back with them to their schools.

"I was really excited about coming because I was going to show some of my friends and tell them about what I’ve learned,” says Giana.

The conference is a two day event. The second day is for high school students.

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