Landmark Muscatine restaurant makes plans to close

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A delicious part of Muscatine's history is ending. Snackers 2 will be shutting its doors for good this spring.

It seems like the end of an era for the Muscatine landmark, which first opened in 1988.

Inside the kitchen, it's a busy place on Wednesday. That's where staffers and disabled clients are getting ready for the lunch rush.

Customers like Susan Sovers come twice a week for the tasty treats.

"The food is really good," she said. "Good quality, good prices, and we like the people. They're all very friendly and helpful."

But after being a fixture in downtown Muscatine for nearly 25 years, Snackers 2 will close in coming weeks. It's a blow to 17 staffers and disabled clients who run the restaurant for Goodwill of the Heartland.

"It's kind of like a family," said manager Dianna Aguirre. "They treat everybody that comes in the door like they know them."

Clearly, it's more than just a place to eat. It's a chance to develop skills, work at a job and make lots of friends. The kind of philosophy that kept customers coming back for more.

"It would be rare to go down there for breakfast and lunch and not see business people," said Chris Steinbach, another Snackers 2 customer.

The decision to close comes down to economics. The restaurant lost $100,000 last year. Like other agencies, Goodwill must watch its wallet.

Goodwill is working to find new jobs for its clients. But it will be a big change. Snackers 2 is like a second home.

"They've all come such a long way," Aguirre concluded. "They've learned a lot. I've enjoyed being part of teaching them."

It's a legacy of service and smiles. A history they'll always remember in Muscatine.

In the short term, Snackers 2 remains open 7:30-3, Monday-Friday. You'll find it at 206 East Second Street in downtown Muscatine.

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