Gun Owners Rally at Shooting Ranges to Send a Message

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Pro gun activists rallied in the streets of state capitals across the country as part of National Gun Appreciation Day. Gun owners in the Quad Cities headed to shooting ranges hoping to send a message to President Obama two days before his second inauguration.

Daniel Cooley Jr. waits patiently to get his shot at the range, "I wasn't surprised, everywhere today has been pretty busy. I'm hoping it isn't too long though."

Shooting Sports Unlimited was filled with people today. There was such a demand to hit the shooting range that customers had to take a number for the next available lane.

"It's been non-stop; it's actually been a crazy day, " says owner Tim Baldwin.

His store even ran out of nine millimeter ammunition, “We’re all out so unless somebody brings their own ammunition, they're not going to be able to shoot today."

Gun supporters are responding to President Obama’s gun control plan that includes banning assault weapons and limiting magazines to ten rounds. Gun owners say guns are not the problem.

"Banning guns is never the solution, you're never going to keep them out of the hands of criminals and they're going to get them one way or another,” says gun owner Edward Ouderkirk.

Tim hears a lot of his customers' concerns, "The biggest concern is not being able to get the guns they want or the ammunition they want."

Daniel says taking guns away isn’t the solution, “I think the more good people with guns is going to stop a lot of bad people with guns."

President Obama’s gun control plan will not be discussed until lawmakers return to Washington after the inauguration.

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