Iowa High Schools Come Together to Improve Schools

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Nine different Iowa high schools met to learn some lessons outside of the classroom at the third annual Leadership Conference.

Central High School senior Ana Kugler knows high school can be hard, "I think everyone gets a better understanding of who they are and it just gives you the courage to be in high school, like for some people it's just not that easy."

She is part of her school's, Principal Leaders team and has been to a few of these conferences.

"I like all the friends that I make and I really do feel like the things that these speakers have said, I’ve really applied that to my high school career,” says Ana.

Leadership teams from nine different schools across Iowa come together every year. This year it was hosted at Central High School in Davenport.

It started this morning with a motivational speaker. His message was bettering someone’s life which students say really touched them.

 "I think that it definitely moves people, the girl that sat behind me started crying when he was done speaking,” says Ana.

Even through playing silly games students were learning leadership skills that they can take back to their schools. Dustin James, owner of Moments with Class, started putting on the conference three years ago.

"Leadership is a big quality that I’ve always cherished growing up,” says Dustin.

Students came together and discussed different ways to improve their schools.

"A chance to meet other kids from other schools, just more hands on opportunity to learn some skills to take back to their schools and make their schools a better place,” says Dustin.

 Dustin says they will be able to apply the skills they learned today later in life, "The world needs a lot of leaders, and the more we have the better we are."

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