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Dog killed, family shares story

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A Warren County family says its dog was shot Thursday after people broke into their home.

As previously reported, it happened in the 1600 block of Angling Road outside of Alexis, Illinois. Both Brenda and Brad McGahey say they knew something was wrong when each of them got to their driveway just before 9:30 p.m. Thursday. Both were on their way home from work.

"Everything looked fine, until I touched the door," Brenda said. "That door is never opened."

Brenda says she got home about 10 minutes before Brad did. Brad says that the suspects broke in through a window in their back yard.

"They broke out two quarter double panels out of there," Brad said. "Then they proceeded on through the house."

Brad says that the suspects broke in through Brenda's work room and then headed for the kitchen. Brad believes that their guard dog Shyida met the suspects in the kitchen.

"Before they proceeded through, the shepherd was shot in the hallway," Brad said. "She was like a best friend. She was a good family member, very protective."

Police say the suspects took a TV, jewelry, and a gun before leaving. Now the family is grieving and trying to remember Shyida by placing a picture of her on their living room table.

"There's a lot of good pictures and a lot of good memories. They're all in my heart," Brenda said. "She was sassy, fun, and very lovable."

Brenda and Brad say the suspects got away with more than $1,000 of stolen items. Police do not have anyone in custody. Anyone with information about this crime is asked to contact the Warren County Sheriff’s Office at (309) 734-8505 or Crime Stoppers at (309) 734-9363.