Neighbors shocked after Moline home invasion

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MOLINE - Neighbors responded Wednesday after police say two suspects broke through a home on their street.

As previously reported, Moline Police say two suspects punched through a window at home on 36th Avenue and 12th Street Court. The two suspects then fled up the hill behind the area and tried to escape through the woods. Police caught the two suspects just minutes later in the Orchard Hill Farms neighborhood.

"That's scary," neighbor Helbert Acosta said hours later. "We are really surprise to see this. It's really incredible that this happened."

Neighbors tell News Eight this is the second time in three years that suspects have broken into this home. Helbert says he's worried about his family's safety after Wednesday's home invasion.

"You really have to lock your house very well and have those security systems installed to protect your home," Acosta said.

The family says the suspects took jewelry from their home. The family hopes to retrieve those belongings from police Thursday.

Police do not have any information on the driver of the white SUV that dropped the suspects off at the home. Anyone with information should contact the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Office at (309) 558-3414 or Crime Stoppers at (309) 762-9500.

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