Walmart to hire 100,000 veterans nationwide

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QUAD CITIES - Walmart officials said Tuesday the company will hire 100,000 veterans nationwide. 

Local veterans seemed skeptical about the plan Tuesday. They are looking for more answers about how many veterans could benefit locally.

"On paper, it sounds great," American Legion Post 582 member Mike Malmstrom said.

The company said Walmart will hire "any honorably discharged veteran in his or her first 12 months off active duty." The new jobs will be in Walmart stores, the distribution centers, plus its home offices. Local veterans hope the jobs being offered are higher than minimum wage.

"They're not able to live on that kind of a wage without benefits as far as medical, health care," Veterans Assistance Commission Superintendent Todd Harlow said. 

Malmstrom says Walmart will need to help employees work through veteran hardships like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. He says that some of the veterans may have scheduling conflicts with physicians who are already helping the veterans cope through PTSD.

"Walmart's going to have to take on some responsibility of making sure that these guys are allowed to go to their appointments when necessary," Malmstrom said

Walmart says the hiring pledge will start Memorial Day and take place over the next five years. The company says it will also help part-time workers transition to full-time status if they are already in the company.