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Proposal to turn 3rd and 4th St. to two-way traffic includes roundabouts

City leaders met Monday night to discuss a proposal that would put round-a-bouts in 10 different locations in downtown Davenport as a part of a plan to turn 3rd and 4th Streets into two way traffic.

The original proposal looked to install just new traffic lights and would cost 2.2 million.   The new estimate proposed Monday night would include new stop-signs, stop-lights, and roundabouts.  The cost of the new plan would be $500,000.

The two way change would run from Telegraph road through downtown to River Drive and have “mini" roundabouts at the intersections of Iowa, Harrison, Gaines and Division.

Davenport Fire Chief Lynn Washburn says the roundabouts could slow down a fire trucks ability to respond to an emergency in the downtown area but would be willing to talk to other cities to see how their departments handle it.

The plan will be addressed at a budget meeting on Saturday.


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