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Davenport Man Reunites With Sibling Thanks to Seven Year Old Boy

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After being separated for 60 years, a Davenport man was reunited with his sister today, thanks to the help of a seven year old boy and his I-pad.

Dressed up head to toe, Clifford Boyson waits patiently for the moment he’s been waiting for his whole life. Clifford and his four other siblings were placed in separate foster homes in Chicago when they were little.

The moment he never thought would happen finally did. After being separated for 60 years, Clifford finally got to be reunited with his only living sibling, his sister Betty Billadeau.

"My heart was going 60 miles per hour; I never thought it would come true,” says Clifford.

How they were able to find each other is another story. Clifford had tried several times to find his sister and was ready to give up but thanks to his landlord’s seven year old son, Eddie, his dream came true.

Eddie Hanzlin got on his I-pad, searched for Betty’s maiden name on Facebook and found her. Clifford is from Davenport. Betty is from St. Louis. Neither of them thought they had any family left.

"It just felt good because I hadn't known I had brothers,” says Betty.

Although they can’t get back the time they lost, Clifford and Betty look forward to making memories in the future. They both agree if it wasn’t for Eddie none of this would have been possible.

"Don't give up hope if you're looking for someone because you'll never know what 7 year old can do for you,” says Betty.

Clifford plans on visiting Betty in St. Louis soon.