Quad City man launches own video investigation to recover stolen Kindle

A Quad City salesclerk is trying to find the thief who swiped his Kindle at Northpark Mall last week, and it's all caught on camera.

Andrew Edmark's Kindle was stolen off the counter of the kiosk he manages at the mall in Davenport. He's posted video of the crime on You Tube, Facebook, and Craig's List, and is hoping someone identifies the crook.

"We're not rich. My mother gave it to me for Christmas, so I had it for a week and it was gone. I never really got to use it'', the 25-year old said.

"When I watched the video and saw him smile and walk away I felt really mad. Yea, you stole it, but you're also cocky about it", Edmark said.

Hours after posting the video, he says someone called to say he recognized one of the three people in the video as a classmate at Davenport West High School. Edmark has filed a police report and handed over information to the school. So far, he hasn't heard back.

"They have the video. I just want my Kindle back'', he said.

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