Former Davenport police officer sentenced in stalking case

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A former high-ranking Davenport police officer was sentenced Thursday for stalking his ex-girlfriend.

Now retired Captain Kevin Murphy received a deferred judgement and two years probation. The conviction can be wiped clean in two years.

Prosecutors say he stalked his ex-girlfriend and entered her Davenport home at least three times without her permission. On one occasion, covering her mouth and telling her "Don't call the police and don't file a report."

Dr. David Wolgin, a Davenport psychologist, testified on Murphy's behalf. He says the police veteran suffers from alcoholism, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder.

"He came to me with a primary problem of having demons in his head, that he wanted to get rid of depression, anxiety, and relationship issues," Dr. Wolgin testified. He said Murphy says he witnessed two suicides during his 33 years on the police force, and has internalized the trauma.

"Assuming he maintains his sobriety, I would predict a gradual relief in symptoms," he testified.

Murphy plead guilty to two counts of stalking, and a felony charge of burglary was dismissed. Defense attorney Murray Bell said his client "overstepped the line," but told the judge Murphy was also "targeted" by his superiors.

"He's a good cop who had a terrible period in his life, where he started drinking and making bad choices," Bell said.

The 33-year veteran was demoted, but then allowed to retire as a Captain in 2011.