Iowa teens fight bullying on Twitter

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Jeremiah Anthony (image from our sister station,

Iowa City West High School junior Jeremiah Anthony was inspired to start @westhighbros to send compliments and positive messages to his fellow students. 

Anthony says he saw others using anonymous Twitter handles to bully students at another high school, and then the practice was copied at his own school.    

“You should definitely not be such a coward that you have to hide behind a screen and say bad things to people,” Anthony said.

Instead, Anthony and two other students at his school find other students on Twitter or Facebook and say something nice about those students. 

@westhighbros had more than 3,800 followers on Twitter as of Tuesday afternoon, January 8, 2013.  They know – and tweet – the power of every word with messages like this:   

“Keep doing what you’re doing!  Believe it or not it makes a huge difference.  Every word.”