Man wanders Iowa high school unnoticed

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Some parents are on edge after a man entered and wandered the halls at an Iowa high school unnoticed.

Indianola was one of the Iowa school districts which vowed to review security measures after the shooting in a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school that left 20 students and 6 educators dead.

WHO-TV reports Steven “Jack” Stout, 45, was recently able to enter the building, wander the halls and enter a classroom at Indianola High School before he was ultimately escorted out of the building. 

The recent incident came on the heels of the Indianola superintendent Mike Teigland issuing a statement about the Connecticut shooting that promised, “We will continue to be vigilant in our efforts to keep our schools safe.” 

The statement also said, “As we continue to upgrade and renovate our school buildings, building security has been a top priority.”

Stout was described as “confused” when he was escorted out of the high school.  He reportedly left without any disturbance and he was not considered a threat.