What should Iowa spend its money on?

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IOWA - Residents discussed what the state should spend its surplus of $800 million on.

As previously reported, Iowa's deep pockets are a result of modest budgeting and a strong agriculture economy, but Iowans have different opinions on how the money should be spent. Republicans favor tax decreases while Democrats say the money should be spent on public employees.

"Help me with these loans that I need to be paying off," college student Khadijah Hudson said. "If they would give back to different colleges, that would be great since they're spending money on a lot of unnecessary things sometimes."

The Scott County Board of Supervisors held a meeting Friday where the supervisors discussed where its money should be spent. Relieving property taxes for area businesses is one of its biggest concerns.

State Representative Linda Miller believes the state should spend more money on college education as well. She does not know whether public universities would use that money for tuition though. Iowa lawmakers go back to work on January 14th.