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Scott Co. opponents call anhydrous ammonia tank ‘very scary’

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SCOTT COUNTY - The opposition to an anhydrous ammonia tank made its last unified push Thursday night.

The Scott County Board of Supervisors held a public meeting Thursday for people to weigh in with their concerns. Crop Production Services wants to put in a 30,000 gallon anhydrous ammonia tank on 290th Street west of Scott County Park.

Anhydrous ammonia helps make nitrogen fertilizer. Crop Production Services says the product is safe to use if it used properly. It claims that farmers in the county would use the product to help grow their crops.

"If anything, we overkill on the building of the aspects of it," Crop Production Services worker Terry Harris said of putting in the tank. "So I'm very confident and comfortable with the safety of the facility itself."

Many residents who live on 290th Street do not want the tank going in. Scott County resident Dan Rebarcak worries about a truck tipping over on his street while the truck are carrying it to the site.

"I've seen those nurse tanks up and down a hilly road and those are very scary," Rebarcak said. "I mean I've lived at that site for 12 years, I've seen very few."

Other residents say that cars drive too fast along 290th Street. They worry that the 55 mile per hour speed limit is too fast for trucks to be pulling in and out of the site.

"The roads that anhydrous ammonia tanks are on now in other parts of the state are in traffic that's 25 to 45 miles per hour," Scott County resident Mike Feldpausch said.

The Board of Supervisors is likely to first read the issue at its meeting January 17th. It is expected to vote on the measure at its meeting January 31st.

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