Ag in the AM: Farm Bill Extension Passes Without Safeguards

WASHINGTON, DC - The "Fiscal Cliff" vote also buys time for lawmakers to hammer out a five year farm bill.

The Senate, and now the House, have agreed to a scaled-back version of the Farm Bill to be continued through this September.

The move prevents milk and dairy product prices from spiking but farmers will lose benefits with the start of the new year.

Three dozen programs in the extension have no money left including disaster relief and bio-fuel development.

A soil conservation program and some rural economic development and agricultural research programs also have no funding for the new year.

Farm-state lawmakers did propose disaster relief money for livestock producers hurt by drought and a dairy subsidy program to compensate farmers when feed costs are high and milk prices are low.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell blocked those plans which are not included in the extended Farm Bill.

There has been no early morning reaction to the plan yet from the major farm groups.


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