Olivia and Mason are most popular baby names at Genesis



The most popular names for babies born at Genesis facilities in 2012 were Olivia and Mason.

Eighteen girls were named Olivia, edging out Isabella (17) as the most popular name for newborn girls.  Sophia, which was the third-most-popular name this year, was the most popular girls’ name the past two years.

Mason was the number one choice for boys’ names in 2010 and again in 2012, with 17 boys born at Genesis named Mason this year.  Benjamin was the second-most-popular name for boys (14).  Third place was a three-way tie with 13 each for William, Alexander and Noah. 

Mason was the fifth most-popular name for boys in the U.S. and Olivia was number three for girls’ names this year in the U.S. 

Some babies are less likely to share their unique names with other children. 

“Among the unique names given to babies born at Genesis in 2012 were Aabro, Akyndrea, Ellashawnee, Jahzzyiah, Laushantiana, Princess Tylaiz, Unterriona, Izhais, Souleymane and Xhevdet,” said a spokesperson for Genesis.


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