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Salvation Army in need

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DAVENPORT - The Quad Cities Salvation Army said Wednesday it has only collected about $620,000 so far in its annual Red Kettle Campaign.

The Salvation Army stopped using its red kettles on Christmas Eve. However, the Salvation Army will continue using its red kettles at the North Park and South Park Mall for one week. It's a last ditched effort to try raising as much money as possible for its Red Kettle Campaign.

"We also get a lot of wonderful mail gifts through donors," Salvation Army worker Holly Nomura said. "Of course there is worry and trepidation at this time, but most of the time, we're optimistic."

In November, the Salvation Army set out a goal of raising $725,000, but it is about $100,000 short of that. As previously reported, the group believes that last week's snow storm is partly to blame for the shortfall.

"The shelter runs on our donations, and so does our church," Salvation Army worker Kelle Tappendorf said. "We need those donations to serve those people and keep our programs afloat and serve our homeless population."

The Salvation Army says it's about $30,000 short of where it was on December 26, 2011. The Red Kettle Campaign continues until January 15th. To give, click here.