Blizzard Causes Power Outage for Illinois Town

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It’s the day after the blizzard, but people are still feeling the impact from the storm. People in Prophetstown, Illinois have been without power since Wednesday.

Brothers Harold and Wendell Cook escaped their cold house and enjoyed the heat of a warming center.

"It's warm, this jacket is too warm. I'm going to have to take it off,” says Harold.

They came to the warming center because they have been without power since Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2012.

"Lost power about five o'clock and it was out until three, little after three in the morning."

Prophetstown is a town of 2,100. At the peak of the power outage, seven hundred people lost power, including the town's mayor.

"It's just a little below 50 in my house,” says Mayor Steve Swanson.

The temperature drop last night, made it especially cold.

"I had my granddaughter last night, she's five and we got on the couch. I got four blankets and we bundled up,” says Mayor Swanson.

“I used lots of extra covers and quilts and stuff and covered up,” says Harold.

The power outages were caused by ice and wind and service was spotty. While one shop might be in the dark, the other is business as usual. The mayor has arranged a warming center at the town’s park district office. Anyone without power can go there to keep warm.

"They're saying it could be tonight, it could be tomorrow morning,” says Harold.

There’s no telling when the power will be back on.

 Harold is just hoping it’s sooner than later, “I hope they get the power on quick, that's all I can hope.”