Weather Tough on Motorists

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Thursday, Dec.12, 2012 was the first day snow hit the Quad Cities this season and Mother Nature wasn’t taking it easy on motorists .Iowa state trooper Dan Loussaert’s day has consisted of constantly pulling over.

"So far luckily we've dealt with mostly just cars in the ditch but when they lose control you know it's mostly luck that prevents them from hitting something or somebody else,” says Trooper Dan.

He says most crashes are preventable. People who speed may not only hurt themselves but others, "There's no excuse for this. All of this is just going too fast, people just aren't slowing down."

Days like today are  frustrating for law enforcement, “There’s a lot of good people that are traveling the roadways and they're just not as prepared."

The three tips he gives to motorists are to slow down, have a cell phone on you for emergencies and keep at least a half of tank of gas in your car. As the day went on road visibility was less than a quarter of a mile. Luckily most of the scenes they were called to were just cars in ditches.

"Luckily over in this area in Scott County we haven't had a lot of actual crashes where they hit something so far so good,” says Trooper Dan.

Scott, Muscantine, Cedar, Clinton, Jackson and Jones counties are in a tow ban which means only the Department of Transportation or police can have vehicles towed. The ban will last until roadways improve.