Sales skyrocket for child-sized body armor

Bulletproof backpacks and child-sized body armor sales are skyrocketing after the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings.

Ammendment II in Salt Lake City, Utah usually sells the items at gun shows.  ‘Preppers’ and survivalists were typically the customers who bought their products for personal use.

That has changed since 20 children were among those killed when a gunman opened fire in an elementary school Friday, December 14, 2012.

KSTU reports the company’s COO, Rich Brand, says the Newtown shootings have created so much demand for their products that the company’s website has been overloaded.

On the outside, the backpacks look like those typically carried by school children.   Inside, they’re lined with the company’s lightweight, bullet-resistant material called Ryno-hide.

“This isn’t what we want.  This isn’t what we intended,” said Brand.  He says the company had no intention of capitalizing on the fears of parents when it introduced the products.    

There is now a waiting list for the backpacks, which sell for between $150 and $300.


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