Man auctions right to choose his last name

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Jason (photo from

Jason Sadler said he will reinvest the money he makes from auctioning permission to select his new last name.

Sadler, 30, of Jacksonville, Florida, said his mom’s divorce inspired him to change his surname.

“I just saw an opportunity,” Sadler said.  “I thought, ‘How am I going to find a new last name?’”

Then he thought, “Why not just sell it?”

Sadler says he wants to reinvest the money he makes into other “fun marketing things” and “give 10% of it to charity.”

What’s his name worth?  $45,500. 

Sadler launched a website,, to promote the sale of his surname.  Bidding to give Sadler a new last name ended on December 12, and he revealed his new surname December 13.

For all of 2013, Sadler will legally assume the new surname  So, he’ll officially be Jason

Beyond 2013, Sadler says he might do it over again and represent someone new or just “pick a random name from the phone book.”

(The CNN Wire contributed to this story)